NBB Applauds Bush’s Greenhouse Gas Plan

John Davis

nbb-logo.jpgThe National Biodiesel Board is applauding President Bush’s plan to stop the growth of U.S. greenhouse gases by 2025.

In this release from the NBB, the group says biodiesel will be a key part of the plan:

joe-jobethumbnail.jpg“Biodiesel not only reduces our dependence on foreign oil, it is a valuable tool in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe. “Biodiesel significantly reduces carbon emissions when compared to conventional diesel fuel, and the biodiesel industry looks forward to constructively working with policymakers from both sides of the aisle to meet our shared goal of addressing climate change.”

The overwhelming body of data demonstrates the environmental benefits of biodiesel. For every unit of energy it takes to make domestic biodiesel, 3.5 units are gained. The fuel also reduces lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions by 78%. In 2007 alone, biodiesel’s contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions was the equivalent of removing 700,000 passenger vehicles from America’s roadways. Lastly, the biodiesel industry fully expects to meet the 50% greenhouse gas reduction requirement for biomass-based diesel under the federal Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

The group points out that hundreds of government and private diesel fleets are already employing the green fuel, while consumers are finding more and more places to buy biodiesel every day… up to more than 1,300 retail outlets today.

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