John Davis

gengreen.gifOnline social networking is looking green… at Now, net-savvy Americans who are committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle can connect with other eco-conscious enthusiasts online. Members can share information and ideas and get updates on the latest news and developments in greener living. Biofuels and alternative energy are a big part of the “sustainable living made local” network. One of the website’s current top headlines boasts harnessing wind power at home: “Techonology Smooths Way for Home Wind Power Turbines.”

Wind turbines, once used primarily for farms and rural houses far from electrical service, are becoming more common in heavily populated residential areas as homeowners are attracted to ease of use, financial incentives and low environmental effects.

No one tracks the number of small-scale residential wind turbines – windmills that run turbines to produce electricity – in the United States. Experts on renewable energy say a convergence of factors, political, technical and ecological, has caused a surge in the use of residential wind turbines, especially in the Northeast and California…

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