Brewing Green Beer in Paradise

John Davis

mauibrewing.jpgNo, I’m not talking about something for St. Patrick’s Day. A brewer in Hawaii is making beer using green methods… including using biodiesel in the process.

This story from says Maui Brewing Co. has been making up some internationally-recognized beers for several years:

But since opening in 2005, Marrero has also worked to make his company one of Maui’s most Earth-friendly. He’s one seriously resourceful brewer.

All of his delivery trucks—including his and wife Melanie’s cars—run on biodiesel he makes with his Kaanapali brewpub’s used vegetable oil. The brewpub’s lighting is entirely energy-saving compact fluorescent. Marrero is installing photovoltaic solar cells that will soon generate all of the brewery’s electricity.

The article goes on to say that the company even donates leftovers from the brewing process to local pig and cattle farmers for feed.