E85 Goes Redneck

Cindy Zimmerman

This just in from the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition: E85 has gone Redneck.

According to NEVC, Thom Shepherd, co-writer of the hit country song, Redneck Yacht Club, is one of the newest supporters of the domestically grown fuel. “I support anything our country can do to reduce our dependency on the Middle East,” noted Shepherd. He stands by his word and has even entertained U.S. troops in the Middle East, Alaska, Europe, Iceland and Greenland for Armed Forces Entertainment.
Redneck Yacht Club
Shepherd is the proud owner of a 2004 FFV Suburban. Alongside his Redneckyachtclub.com static sticker, he sports a “Corn Fed E85” bumper sticker.

“I fueled up with E85 last week and was pleased by the performance,” he stated. “I just wish we had more E85 availability in Nashville.”

Shepherd, originally from St. Louis, MO, moved to a suburb outside of Nashville 15 years ago. His first number one song, Riding with Private Malone, recorded by David Ball, won an Achievement Award from the Nashville Songwriters Association. His second number one song, co-written by Steve Williams and recorded by Craig Morgan, is the foundation of their company, RedneckYachtClub.com. The website sells merchandise relating to the song and the boating lifestyle.

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