Canada Turning Plastic Into Biodiesel

John Davis

minasbasin.jpgA project north of the border could turn waste plastic into biodiesel.

This story from says Nova Scotia is investing $20 million in government money in the Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company’s expansion project for a biodiesel plastics processing plant for plastic waste.

“We are committed to investing in innovative and resourceful companies that contribute to job growth, a green environment, and a strong economy for Nova Scotia,” said [Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald] in a statement. “Minas Basin is taking a leadership role by helping to ensure environmental sustainability for this province.”

According to Minas Basin, the new plant will divert 4,000 tons of plastic waste. The governmental investment will allow the company to commit to more than $27 million in capital expenditures.

Company officials say the money will help them move into “the next phase of sustainable restructuring for Minas Basin,” as well as creating a renewable energy supply for the province.

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