Biodiesel Carrying 124 Cars at a Time

John Davis

washferry.jpgA ferry carrying 124 cars in Washington State’s Puget Sound has been running on biodiesel since last month, and officials are hoping to expand the green fuel into another transport.

This story from Biodiesel Magazine says it’s the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Ferries Division’s second try in recent years at trying to run ferries with biodiesel:

The 124-car ferry Issaquah has been running on a five-percent blend of soy biodiesel since March 10 and so far there haven’t been problems. In 2004, the ferries division ran a B20 blend in the Issaquah and other ferries, but had to abandon the program due to severe clogging in the vessels’ filters and purifiers.

Paul Brodeur, director of vessel maintenance, preservation and engineering for the division, said, “so far we’ve been running successfully. We’re about ready to bring our second vessel (the Tillikum) on at the end of this week. It’ll be back in operation on April 7.”

The 87-car Tillikum will be tested with B5 canola biodiesel.