Ohio Funds Fuel Cell Research

John Davis

Crown Equipment CorporationHydrogen fuel cell technology is getting a boost from the state of Ohio. The Ohio Department of Development and Ohio’s Third Frontier Commission has awarded Crown Equipment Corporation nearly one million dollars in grant money for additional fuel cell research.

The development of fuel cells is a natural extension of Crown’s ongoing focus on environmental sustainability. As a technology leader in the lift truck industry, Crown is committed to supporting its customers via the emerging hydrogen economy.

The Crown project will focus on addressing the technical and commercial barriers to the application of available battery replacement fuel cell power packs in industrial lift trucks. The study will facilitate the creation and growth of material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to be powered by fuel cells.

Crown intends to review the performance of each unique combination of its lift trucks with fuel cell power. This study should reveal any necessary modifications required to maintain the intended use of the lift truck while complying with industry standards.

Alternative power is a hot topic, and the material handling industry is poised to be an early adopter of this new technology, setting the standard for other industries to follow. Fuel cell technology will likely simplify and speed up the way lift trucks are powered and batteries recharged. Ohio is a leader in exploring and developing technologies that advance the Hydrogen Highway.

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