Government Dispels Biofuels Myths

John Davis

doe.jpgA new paper from the U.S. Department of Energy tries to put to rest some of the myths that still swirl around biofuels.

The document, posted on the DOE web site, takes on some of the most-often repeated arguments against renewable energy with solid facts:

doereport1.jpgMYTH: In terms of emissions, biofuels emit the same amount as gasoline or more.
FACT: Biofuels burn cleaner than gasoline, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and are fully biodegradable, unlike some fuel additives.

MYTH: Ethanol cannot be produced from corn in large enough quantities to make a real difference without disrupting food and feed supplies.
FACT: Corn-based ethanol is only one source of biofuel. As we address the technical hurdles associated with the efficient and cost-effective production of biofuels, ethanol will increasingly play a more significant role.

doereport2.jpgMYTH: Ethanol gasoline blends can lower fuel economy and may harm your engine.
FACT: Ethanol blends in use today have little impact on fuel economy or vehicle performance.

MYTH: More energy goes into producing ethanol than it delivers as a fuel.
FACT: Each gallon of corn ethanol today delivers as much as 67% more energy than is used to produce it.

Although the document is just a couple of pages long, it should be must reading for anyone in the biofuels industry so they can dispel the myths with the facts.

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