Water Treatment Company Focuses on Ethanol Plant Needs

Cindy Zimmerman

Fremont Industries has launched a new division to offer specialized water services to the biofuels industry. The new Biofuels Group division reportedly will help the ethanol industry become even better environmental stewards with a process that significantly reduces typical solid discharge levels from the water used during ethanol production.

Fremont Biofuels GroupThe innovative technology allows ethanol plants to recycle and reuse wastewater streams as an alternative to discharge.

“Starting with a plant’s re-engineered water balance, the design team optimizes current water use and then focuses on recycle and reuse options combined with creative equipment applications to reduce the environmental impact of the discharged water,” explained Chris Robbins, national sales manager of the Biofuels Group. “The result is reduced or elimination of plant water discharge.”

Fremont has been involved as a supplier for the biofuels industry for almost 20 years and they expect the new division to provide even more focused and committed resources to the unique needs of the ethanol industry.

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