Update From NEVC

Chuck Zimmerman

Phil LampertAt the recent Ethanol 2008: Emerging Issues Forum I spoke with Phil Lampert, Executive Director, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition. Phil was a panelist on the subject of ethanol marketing.

One of the points he made in his presentation had to do with pushing for more flex fuel vehicles on the road. In an interview I did with him afterward he says that NEVC isn’t trying to have every vehicle in America run on E85 but get more FFV’s on the road since they can run on any blend up to E85, reducing the challenge of having different blend levels available.

Phil says that NEVC will continue to focus on high level blends of ethanol since that’s what the organization does better than anyone. He’s hoping the industry will embrace them and what they’re trying to accomplish. He encourages people to go to their website to learn more.

I also want to thank Phil for his very nice comments about Domestic Fuel!

You can listen to my interview with Phil here: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/ethanol/ne-ethanol-08-lampert.mp3]

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