NBB Offers Vehicle for Updates

John Davis

bio_ab.gifLots of information came out of last month’s National Biodiesel Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida, and trust me, we did all we could to make sure you knew about the events through the conference blog. The National Biodiesel Board wants to ensure you stay up-to-date with all of the issues from that event, as well as the biodiesel industry as well.

That’s why the group is offering free membership to its Biodiesel Alliance and Biodiesel Backer programs:

The Alliance is a diverse coalition of almost than 2,400 organizations, agencies and businesses from across the nation who find common ground in their support for biodiesel fuel. Founded and managed by the National Biodiesel Board, Biodiesel Alliance members receive timely updates on important happenings in the biodiesel industry.

The Biodiesel Backers program is like the Alliance, except instead of organizations and businesses, its members are individuals who support biodiesel. There are currently more than 7,300 Biodiesel Backers.

No policy positions are taken by the Biodiesel Alliance or Backers and there is no charge for membership. Joining is simply a great way to support information sharing and opportunities to help advance the use biodiesel.


In addition to the Biodiesel Bulletin, members receive concise alerts containing new and timely information on biodiesel developments that may be of interest to you, your employees and/or your customers. For example:

* Remain abreast of key industry issues that were discussed the National Biodiesel conference including: sustainability; feedstock development; fuel quality and more.
* Get news about local biodiesel-related events happening in your community;
* Receive important updates like the December, 2007 “Biodiesel Beats the Cold” alert and news release with important information about how to successfully use biodiesel blends year-round in the coldest climates;
* Or the February, 2008 alert and news release about NBB’s Sustainability Task Force.
* Get the latest OEM biodiesel announcements;
* And much more!

If you’re interested, just click here.