New Web Site Offers New Way to Buy Biodiesel

John Davis

fillmorefuels.gifA new web site launched earlier this year offers a new way to buy biodiesel., developed by biodiesel enthusiast Wesley Fillmore, offers everyone from hobbyists to commercial producers a forum to offer their biodiesel for sale in an auction-like environment. In addition, buyers can find potential sellers in their area:

According to the Annual Energy Outlook released by the Energy Information Administration in 2007, consumption of biodiesel is expected to reach .4 billion gallons by 2030. Fillmore Fuels is the first on-line community dedicated to biodiesel fuel and related products, and the consumers, hobbyists and commercial producers interested in purchasing and selling them. This new auction site brings buyers and sellers together to engage in on-line commerce and to address pertinent issues related to the industry. Since gaining momentum, the renewable fuel industry has faced a number of critical issues, including regional pricing. By creating a dynamic environment in which buyers can find the products they need at prices they can afford, Fillmore Fuels hopes to help mitigate this problem. While the value of biodiesel fuel varies by region, consistent and competitive pricing is essential to the growth of the market.

“With profit margins at a minimum, the ability to resort to more affordable feedstock when available is priceless, and Fillmore Fuels provides this option,” says Wesley Fillmore, President. “In addition, it provides a means for local farmers, restaurants, and producers to sell their virgin vegetable oils or WVO to the highest bidder, thus increasing their profit margins and limiting the middle man and cost.”

Company officials also point out that buyers are able to ask sellers questions about their fuel, making them better informed consumers.

Check ’em out, and let us know what you think!