Wal-Mart Developing Sustainable Facilities

Chuck Zimmerman

Charles ZimmermanThe luncheon speaker here at the 25x’25 Renewable Energy Summit is Charles Zimmerman, VP, Prototype and New Format Development for Wal-Mart. I’ve been looking forward to meeting him since he’s got such a great name.

He’s speaking right now to the group about the evolution of sustainable facilities at the retail chain. Now most of his experience is with the facilities but he says they’re also testing biodiesel in a segment of their truck fleet and with the fuel outlet facilities they own he says their very keen on what’s happening with other renewable fuels. He says their truck fleet drives about 900 million miles a year so it’s important what they’re doing . He says that utilities is their second highest line item expense so they’re doing things to be more energy efficient which is good for the environment while also helping their bottom line.

I interviewed him prior to his presentation since he’s leaving immediately when done.

You can listen to my interview with Charles here: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/ethanol/ne-ethanol-08-zimmerman.mp3]

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