25x’25 Emphasizes Alliance, Advocacy and Administration

Chuck Zimmerman

Allen RiderClosing out the 25x’25 Renewable Energy Summit was Allen Rider, member of the organization’s steering committee. He’s also a past president of New Holland North America.

Allen’s job here was to summarize what we’ve learned at the Summit. To start with he says that he’s heard a real affirmation of the goal of 25x’25 and that it’s the right goal. He learned a lot about the economic benefit of realizing that goal in terms of what it will mean for revitalizing rural America. Finally, he says the environmental impact is huge and ties right in with the other two.

He left everyone with the 3 A’s – Alliance, Advocacy and Administration. He says the strength of the organization comes from the alliances and grass roots efforts. He says there’s such a big need to advocate and get the facts out to the public. Everyone in the room raised their hand when he asked if they had seen a story in the media in the last week about renewable energy that had fact errors. And finally, he said they will need to educate and assist the new administration in Washington, DC.

You can listen to Allen’s closing remarks here: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/ethanol/ne-ethanol-08-rider.mp3]

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