Raleigh Upgrades Buses to Biodiesel

John Davis

raleghbuses.jpgRaleigh, North Carolina has improved its bus system with some new buses that are roomier, more accessible, and possibly most importantly, run on biodiesel.

This story from NBC-17’s web site says the 15 Capital Area Transit system buses join a growing biodiesel-powered fleet of vehicles in Raleigh:

The new CAT buses operate on biodiesel fuel (B20). City officials say, B20 is a domestically produced renewable fuel derived from vegetable oil that significantly reduces harmful elements of diesel exhaust, such as carbon monoxide. At least 75 percent of Raleigh’s diesel fleet – or 186 trash collection trucks, recycling trucks and street dump trucks — have operated on B20 since 2002.

“The new buses reflect CAT’s ongoing effort to enhancing customer service and being environmentally friendly,” said Stacey Carless, CAT’s marketing specialist.

The new buses cost $5.5 million, but a grant from the Federal Transit Administration took care of 80 percent of the cost with the last 20 percent split by the city and the state.

With gas prices set to go above $4 a gallon this summer, officials expect ridership to increase, so these new buses are just in time.