25x’25 Vision of America’s Energy Future

Chuck Zimmerman

25x'25The 4th Annual 25x’25 Renewable Energy Summit is taking place in Omaha, NE. The theme is “Bringing the Vision to Life – Win-Win Solutions for America’s Energy Future.”

I got it late this afternoon but will be here tomorrow. Yesterday Summit attendees got to take a tour of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Agricultural Research and Development Center. They’re doing extensive research on carbon sequestration of dry land and irrigated crops as well as research on the utilization of dried distiller’s grains.

Today there have been a number of presentations looking at the future of the organization and the future of energy. I wish I could have made it in time for Dr. Lowell Catlett’s presentation.

25x’25 is made up of a number of state alliances which are getting together to talk about areas of cooperation and collaboration here this afternoon and evening.

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