Bentley Maps Future with Ethanol

John Davis

bentley_logo.gifLegendary British carmaker Bentley says it is it will look to ethanol, lighter construction and more efficient gasoline engines… instead of diesel and hybrid motors… to meet the green demands of the future:

This story in AutoWeek says the changes will help the company reduce carbon emissions in its vehicles by 15 percent:

“We don’t think our customers, particularly in North America and Europe, are ready for a diesel Bentley, said Uli Eichhorn, Bentley chief engineer, on Tuesday at the Geneva motor show.

Although Bentley Chairman Franz-Josef Paefgen refuses to rule out a diesel powertrain, Eichhorn said: “Not ruling it out does not mean it is our top priority.”

Hybrid powertrains don’t fit the typical usage cycle of a Bentley, according to Eichhorn. “(Hybrids) are very good in cities and stop-start driving, but that’s not where out cars are used.”

In addition, the article goes on to say that Bentley is going for a 40 percent reduction in fuel consumption rates by 2012.

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