Bob and Jack Kick Off National Ethanol Conference Golf

Chuck Zimmerman

Bob DinneenHere at the National Ethanol Conference golf is the first activity. RFA President Bob Dinneen got everyone started here this morning out at ChampionsGate golf course. Just before he gave everyone the send off I spoke to him about the Conference.

Bob says that this is the biggest and best Conference ever with over 2,300 people attending. He says they’ll be talking about the challenges ahead including climate change and the food vs. fuel debate that keeps raging.

Bob says the future is bright and the industry is on solid footing.

You can listen to my interview with Bob here: [audio:]

Jack YoungbloodNFL Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood is also on hand with us here today at the golf tournament. He welcomed everyone out at the start of the event.

Jack played with the Rams in 5 NFC Championship games and in Super Bowl XIV. He’s a tough guy but very friendly. Today he’s out on hole number 2 helping teams out since he takes a drive and they can use his if needed.

I spoke to Jack in between groups on his hole. He says that here in Florida they’ve had their hand in the ethanol business for several years. He’s really pleased to see the enthusiasm on the part of the people involved in the industry and is looking forward to seeing what’s going on in the business here at the Conference.

Jack wants consumers to know that ethanol is a renewable resource that can take us in the direction we want to go. As he puts it, when it comes to fuel, “we want to grow our own.” He thinks it’s the most common sense approach to relieving our dependence on foreign oil that there is.

You can listen to my interview with Jack here: [audio:]

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