Ethanol Fires Up LPP Gas Turbines

John Davis

LPP CombustionLPP Combustion has successfully created a way to operate gas turbines using ethanol. The company says their operation offers another alternative for clean, renewable energy.

LPP Combustion, LLC, using its patented LPP Combustion System, has recently demonstrated natural gas-level emissions from bio-derived ethanol (ASTM D-4806) during gas turbine combustor testing. Emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter (soot) were the same as natural gas-level emissions achieved using current dry low emission (DLE) gas turbine combustion technology. In addition, the combustion of this bio-derived ethanol produced virtually no net carbon dioxide emissions.

LPP Combustion has developed a Lean, Premixed, Prevaporized (LPP) combustion technology that converts liquid biofuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol, into a synthetic natural gas. This LPP Gas can then be burned with low emissions in virtually any combustion device in place of natural gas, providing users with substantial fuel flexibility. A DLE gas turbine utilizing LPP Technology to burn biofuels creates a low emissions power plant with no net greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in the cleanest use of renewable fuels.

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