“Golden” Energy for the ‘Golden State’

John Davis

BTBT is getting a new solar power system for its Americas’ Headquarters in California. The new system will utilize a sun tracking system that’s meant to maximize the production of renewable energy.

BT has announced it has entered into an agreement to begin construction next month (March) of an approximately 500 kW-AC solar photovoltaic system for its North American corporate headquarters site, located in the City of El Segundo, California. Once the system is fully operational by late summer, BT expects to reduce carbon emissions by 642,000 pounds (291.2 metric tons) annually as well as decrease its overall power costs for the site in future years.

The solar power system is designed to maximize energy production, with the vast majority of the system’s approximately 2,000 solar modules mounted on top of a state-of-the-art, elevated single-axis tracking system to be installed above the site’s south facing parking lot. Once completed, the system will be among the largest of its type in Southern California and is expected to generate approximately 917,000 kWh per year.

According to Environmental Protection Agency figures, the solar power system is expected to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to removing 63 automobiles from operation for one year or planting 243 acres of trees or powering more than 150 average-sized California homes for 12 months.

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