NFU Gets Behind Renewable Energy Bill

John Davis

nfu.pngThe National Farmers Union is pledging its support to an energy bill seen as friendly to biofuels, while praising Democrat leaders who back the bill.

This story on says National Farmers Union President Tom Buis lauded Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel for backing the bill designed to spark wind and biomass energy that will bring billions of dollars to rural areas. And the NFU is urging Congress to pass the legislation:

In a letter to Pelosi and Rangel, Buis stated NFU’s strong support for the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008.

buis.jpg“Not only does fostering renewable energy provide the opportunity for energy independence, it also provides a source for rural economic development that will significantly jump-start rural economies,” Buis said. “Two provisions of this bill, extending the Production Tax Credit and authorizing funds for the Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, are essential.”

The legislation would extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for three years. “The PTC provides the most critical federal incentive to continue developing wind projects in rural communities,” Buis said.

The NFU has been a longtime backer of ethanol, biodiesel, and other ag-based fuels.

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