Alternatives Could Be Winners from $100 Oil

John Davis

With oil prices more than $100 a barrel, the big winners (besides the oil companies) from the price spike could be alternative energies… as people look for something other than pricey petroleum to meet their energy needs.

This story on features hedge fund and private equity consultant John D’Agostino’s thoughts on the issue:

The next wave of oil wealth will go probably go into alternative energy, says D’Agostino. Middle East investors are comfortable with longer time frames and can weather the volatility of this sector. Specifically, solar & wind names are most likely to benefit. In fact, I helped facilitate 3 deals between Abu Dhabi and alternative energy companies recently.

While D’Agostino believes the $100-plus oil prices won’t stay that long forever, prices will stay high enough long enough to help the alternatives, even in the long run.

Solar, Wind