E85 Pump Openings Grow Slower

Cindy Zimmerman

Tulare E85The number of E85 stations nationwide only grew by 35 percent last year, compared to 118 percent the previous year.

Still, an increase of more than a third is pretty decent growth and the total number of stations as of the end of 2007 was 1420, according to the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition.

That number has already increased this year by another 15 or so. One station opened just outside of Tulare, California prior to the recent World Ag Expo.

“This is only the second public E85 fueling station in the state of California,” said NEVC Chairman Phil Lampert. “We are extremely pleased that E85 is priced at $2.49 per gallon (at the station). The average price for regular unleaded in the area is $3.19 per gallon.”

NEVC is traveling to Mississippi this week for the grand opening of that state’s first E85 station in Newton.

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