Arkansas Getting New Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

arksoyenergy.gifA new biodiesel plant that is being touted as Arkansas’ first and only biodiesel refinery with its own on-site crusher will open on Tuesday.

Arkansas Business reports that Arkansas SoyEnergy Group will open the one-stop plant that will eventually produce seven million gallons of the green fuel a year near the town of DeWitt:

The event will feature remarks from U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark.; Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark; and former Arkansas House of Representatives Speaker Benny Petrus.

Arkansas Business reported on Arkansas SoyEnergy’s plan early last year. The firm is owned by brothers Jon, Jeff and Troy Hornbek.

With the new plant, the Hornbecks aim to create a new market for area farmers by buying and crushing locally grown soybeans, saving their neighbors the heavy toll of transportation costs while providing “homegrown energy” that can be used in farm machinery and vehicles. A byproduct of the process, soybean meal, can be used for animal feed.

The Hornbecks say they’ll get most of their feedstock from local farmers within a 30 mile radius of the plant.