Ethanol Insurance For Farmers From John Deere

Chuck Zimmerman

Dennis DaggettJohn Deere is now offering “ethanol insurance” through their John Deere Risk Protection division. It’s a policy for the grower who wants some extra coverage in case he can’t fulfill a delivery contract to an ethanol plant.

Dennis Daggett, Director of Marketing for John Deere Risk Protection, is on the scene here at the National Farm Machinery Show where I’ve been providing some coverage over on our AgWired site with them as the sponsor. Dennis has been involved in crop insurance for over 30 years. He says Deere offers standard policies like multi-peril and crop hail. But this year they’ve introduced a new ethanol policy.

The first thing a farmer needs to do though is have a multi-peril plan in place. Then they can purchase the extra coverage. Sounds like good timing as we hear about farmers continuing to work at meeting the needs for both fuel and food. The policy is available for this season in states in the grain belt area of the midwest only. You can find out all you want on their website.

You can hear Dennis talk about the new product here: [audio:]

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