Biodiesel Conference Trade Show

Cindy Zimmerman

A record number of exhibitors are showing their wares to attendees at the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo.

EcoJetKeep in mind this is only the fifth annual conference for this industry and about 4,000 people are at the event with almost 400 exhibitors. Many of the booths are showcasing new technology for the industry – while others, like New Holland, are focusing on the fun stuff.

The EcoJet is a creation of Jay Leno and General Motors. This bad boy sports a jet engine and runs on 100 percent biodiesel and it could even go head to head with an Indy car since they say it could top 220 miles per hour.

See more coverage of the conference on the official Biodiesel Conference Blog. Your friendly and hard-working conference bloggers – John Davis and myself – will be hard at it again today with coverage to include the Eye on Biodiesel awards and a look at how some big Florida companies are using biodiesel.

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