REG Making Biodiesel More Available at Truck Stops

John Davis

deckertruck.jpgAs we mentioned here before, one of the best ways to make biodiesel more mainstream is to get it into the mainstream of the trucking industry in this country.

This story on says Iowa-based Renewable Energy Group (REG) is offering a service to truck stops across the country to make biodiesel more available:

reglogo1.gifREG’s Retail Biodiesel Blending Program, announced at the NATSO Show in Orlando, Fla., offers truck-stop operators both biodiesel injection equipment and a regular supply of high-quality biodiesel.

Because REG can remotely monitor fuel levels in its biodiesel tanks, truck-stop operators can enjoy an automated reorder process to ensure they don’t run out, REG said. Truck stops also will be able to remotely adjust biodiesel blends daily, the company said.

The new service “offers a tremendous incentive for truck stops to adopt a biodiesel blend program while ensuring their customers have access to the highest-quality biodiesel available on the market today,” said Gary Haer, REG vice president of sales and marketing.

REG is also keeping up its end of the supply line as it has seven biodiesel plants in production, three under construction, and another two being developed.