Biodiesel Saving & Making Americans Green

John Davis

universalbioenergy.jpgBiodiesel could save Americans billions of dollars, while making the country cleaner… that according to a spokesman for a Mississippi-based biodiesel manufacturer.

Dr. Richard Craven, of Mississippi-based Universal Bioenergy, tells that the U.S. is going through 40 billion gallons of pertoleum worth $100 billion a year in the form of diesel:

But Craven says the U.S. can produce biodiesel as an alternative to diesel and purchasing this locally “can stimulate the economy by keeping our U.S. dollars in U.S. pockets.”

Craven says American farmers and cooperatives can utilize formerly unused land for producing biodiesel ‘feedstocks’ to generate increased revenues for the agricultural industry and its associated service industries.

Craven acknowledges that an increase in the usage of biodiesel would profit Universal Bioenergy. But he points out that its benefits to other companies and industries, as well as to the environment, far outstrip those of the biofuel manufacturers.

He adds that since biodiesel contains no sulfur, it burns much cleaner than regular diesel and produces much less carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other hydrocarbon emissions. In addition, the plant feedstocks to make biodiesel help clean up carbon emissions.