Backing Hillary with Biodiesel

John Davis

hillaryclinton.jpgSome prominent Democratic mayors in California have taken to the road to campaign for presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton in a bus fueled by biodiesel.

This story from San Francisco’s NBC 11 says Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk have hit the road in the Golden State to praise Clinton’s proposals for “green-collar” job training:

In both Southern and Northern California companies have begun to sprout up that focus on solar, thermal and wind energy. Each mayor has expressed their approval for programs that would train former blue-collar workers for jobs in such companies.

“(Hillary Clinton) understands the importance of taking those ideals and working together to really make progress and sustainable change,” Newsom said. “Nowhere is it more important though, than in making sure that those who have been locked out of the industrial economy are locked into this green economy. We’re all lamenting the loss of blue collar jobs and here we are talking about this green wave, and locking folks into this green, sustainable economy.”

The campaigning is part of the run-up to February 5th’s Super Tuesday when 24 states will hold primaries and caucuses to help decide the Democratic and Republican nominees for president.

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