The “e” on TV

Cindy Zimmerman

E on TVThe ABC sitcom “Carpoolers,” which airs on Tuesday nights, featured the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council’s “e” logo in this week’s episode entitled “First Fight.”

As the name implies, Carpoolers is about a group of guys who carpool to work together from their suburban homes. The gas-saving connection makes it a great show for the ethanol brand’s first product placement.

The producers of Carpoolers contacted EPIC in September to ask permission to use the “e” logo. The photo shows how the “e” was used during the show – as “Baby Ethanol Farmer.”

Won’t spoil any of the plot, but if you want to see the “e” in action and find out who Baby Ethanol Farmer is and what happens to he/she, watch the entire episode of Carpoolers at

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