Biodiesel Put to Extreme Cold Test

John Davis

Temperatures are typically pretty cold this time of year in Canada, so there’s no better place to put biodiesel through Canada’s most extensive cold-weather, on-road demonstration test of biodiesel.

crfa.gifThe move is being applauded by the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association in this press release:

Over sixty trucks will be put to the test by Climate Change Central, an Alberta government public-private not-for-profit organization focusing on green house gas reductions and new environmental technologies. The demonstration, which will take place in the Alberta winter cold, will provide hands-on, cold-weather experience for fuel blenders, distributors, long-haul trucking fleets and drivers.

quaiattini.jpg“Over the next few weeks biodiesel will be put to the ultimate extreme cold weather iron man test,” said Gordon Quaiattini, President of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. “We are confident these tests will confirm adverse condition tests in the USA and Europe, and will reconfirm biodiesel as a viable tool in diversifying our energy supply and reducing green house gases.”

The Canadian and Alberta governments are investing $2.6 million into this project. Shell Canada is the demonstration’s fuel partner. Additional sponsors and supporters include the Canola Council of Canada, Canadian Petroleum Products Institute, Canadian Bioenergy, Neste Oil and Milligan BioTech.