Show Me Conflict

Cindy Zimmerman

Too many political bedfellows are spoiling the chances of a Missouri ethanol plant getting some government financing incentives.

Show Me Ethanol of Richmond, Missouri is scheduled to open this spring, backed by over 700 investors including a congressman’s wife, the governor’s brother and a state legislator. The plant was approved to receive a low-interest loan rate backed by the state, but “no incentives can be given if the company has even a single investor who is a lawmaker, statewide elected official, state department director or a parent, sibling, spouse or child of any of those officials,” according to an AP story.

Blunt BrotherAmong the investors is Andy Blunt, pictured in the AP photo with his brother Gov. Matt Blunt. So far, he is holding on to his shares as plant officials try to negotiate a compromise with State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. State Rep. John Quinn of Chillicothe also owns shares in the plant and he believes the treasurer’s office should relax its policy, perhaps allowing up to 5 percent of investors to have political connections.

Read the Associated Press report here.

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