“Fields of Fuel” Debut at Sundance

Cindy Zimmerman

Fields of FuelA documentary about biofuels makes its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this week.

Fields of Fuel“Fields of Fuel”
is directed by Josh Tickell, who also wrote “Biodiesel America,” which was introduced at the 2006 Biodiesel Conference. Tickell is a long-time advocate of biodiesel who became known for his “Veggie Van” tours in the late 1990’s. While his main focus is on biodiesel, he is also a fan of ethanol – especially the cellulosic variety.

“Fields of Fuel” is a natural for Robert Redford’s Sundance, which has become the greenest of all film festivals since former U.S. Vice President Al Gore premiered “An Inconvenient Truth” there in 2006. Tickell has been busy doing media interviews all week with the likes of Dan Rather, NPR, and the American Movie Channel, getting lots of good press for biofuels.

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