England Co. Gathers Biogas from Animal Waste

John Davis

McCain FoodsMcCain Foods Great Britain is enlisting Eco-Tec for its new venture in capturing biogas from anaerobic digester lagoons. The project is the latest effort meant to promote energy efficiency from McCain Foods.

As part of its energy efficiency projects, McCain Foods in Great Britain implemented a waste process that includes the capture of biogas from anaerobic digester lagoons, and purifying the gas to produce electricity. McCain Foods hired Black & Veatch to conduct an evaluation of available technology and manage the integration into the planned process.

Compared to competing technologies, Eco-Tec’s patented biogas purification system, BgPur(TM), was designed to accommodate McCain’s specific requirements regarding flow rate variations, changes in pressure, and the system’s overall flexibility. With simple operation and lower operating costs, Eco-Tec’s biogas purification technology was selected.

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