MO Governor Calls for Biodiesel Standard

John Davis

blunt.jpgMissouri Governor Matt Blunt wants a 5 percent biodiesel standard for his state.

In his State of the State address before the Missouri House of Representatives, Blunt called on lawmakers to approve the standard:

To further grow alternative fuel production, I support a B5 standard for biodiesel sold in our state. Biodiesel from soybeans has proven much more environmentally-friendly and better for air quality than regular diesel. Research has shown that it cuts carbon dioxide and cancer-causing emissions by more than 75 percent. Adopting a B5 standard will reduce particulate matter emissions by 15.4 million pounds and carbon monoxide emissions by 168 million pounds. A B5 standard will improve our air quality and makes sense for Missouri.

mosoy.jpgBlunt’s announcement was welcomed by the Missouri Soybean Association, which pointed out that in 2008, biodiesel production in the state is expected to reach at least 125 million gallons… more than enough to meet the 60 million gallon mark a 5 percent biodiesel mandate would produce. If passed, Missouri would be the first state to pass and implement a B5 standard. Minnesota has a 2 percent mandate already in effect, while Louisiana, Oregon, and Washington are waiting for production targets to be met before implementing their 2 percent biodiesel standards.

On January 1st, Missouri became one of just three states in the country to put in a 10 percent ethanol mandate.

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