One Million Gallon Milestone

Cindy Zimmerman

Flex-fuel vehicle owners in Oshkosh, Wis. have purchased over one million gallons of E85 at the Renew fuel station located at Highway 76 and 41. Consumers took 830 days to purchase one million gallons of E85 and are well on their way to purchasing more. This marks the first time a Wisconsin gas station has sold more than a million gallons of E85.

Ethanol Promotion and Information Council
(EPIC) Interim Executive Director Robert White congratulated the station and the ethanol industry for reaching that historic mark. “The industry reached a milestone when the Renew station sold its millionth gallon of E85. Consumers are sending the message that the demand for E85 is rising and more E85 stations and flex-fuel vehicles are needed,” said White.

RenewRenew, an independent brand of fuel stations based in Oshkosh, has offered E85 since the station opened on September 26, 2005. The company expects Oshkosh station customers helped save approximately 43,500 barrels of oil by choosing E85 over straight gasoline. Jay Stoflet, Director of Retail Marketing for Renew explains, “While there is no perfect solution for immediately reducing our country’s dependency on oil, E85 is a great first step that is helping make a change. These customers are really making a difference, one gallon at a time.”

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