Nacel Unveils 80 MW Power Plan

John Davis

nacel.jpgNacel Energy has unveiled a plan to put up 80 megawatts of wind power generation, enough to power more than 25,000 homes, over the next three years.

This story from says the community-based wind power company will help local communities cash in on the growing wind energy industry:

NACEL Energy President Brian Lavery stated:

“The development of 80 MW of new wind power generation facilities will enhance NACEL Energy’s present operations and will provide a growth profile consistent with the Company’s goals of increasing enterprise and shareholder value. Our intention is to continue to follow our sustainable community wind development model which includes local equity partners.”

NACEL Energy is one of the first companies in the nation developing COMMUNITY WIND — utility-scale wind power generation — but with a sustainable footprint and local partners. COMMUNITY WIND projects are generally less than 20 MW and can enjoy a competitive advantage over other forms of wind energy development; including faster permitting times, local political support and additional government incentives.

The community wind projects are generally located in rural areas, so farmers whose land hosts the windmills should be able to get the most advantage out of the partnerships.