Low-Cost Biodiesel from BioGold

John Davis

BioGold FuelsProduction of biodiesel is getting cheaper and cheaper. At least, it is for BioGold Fuels.

Through its acquisition of Full Circle Industries, research and development, and strategic relationships, BioGold Fuels Corporation has developed a low cost method of producing diesel fuel and other types of energy derived from municipal solid waste and other types of waste.

While other producers of bio-fuels and renewable fuels pay up to 60% of the sales price for raw materials, BioGold will get its raw material free of charge, and in fact, actually get paid fees for disposing of the waste.

BioGold Fuels separates the MSW into raw materials, organic waste, and inorganic waste. The majority of the organic waste is converted into Bio-Diesel, synthetic gas, or energy, while the remaining materials can be sold for scrap or other by-products. The company is paid a ‘tipping fee’ from the companies that need to dispose of this waste. This results in multiple revenue streams for BioGold and drastically reduces or eliminates any remaining trash that would be dumped into a landfill.

Agribusiness, Biodiesel, Energy