NY Grocer Goes Green on Delivery

John Davis

freshdirect.gifNew York City area online grocery delivery service FreshDirect is switching its delivery trucks to biodiesel.

tristatebiodiesel.gifThe gourmet food deliverer says it will get its fuel from locally-based Tri-State Biodiesel. According to this press release from Tri-State, FreshDirect is starting to convert its 150 delivery trucks this month to run on B5 biodiesel:

Starting in the fall, FreshDirect began donating cooking oil from its kitchen to be used in Tri-State’s non-toxic diesel fuel. With this change, FreshDirect furthers its partnership with Tri-State to reduce emissions and cut back on use of fossil fuel products. In fact, biodiesel reduces CO2 emissions over 78 percent compared to petroleum diesel. According to studies, biodiesel will reduce smog and air pollutions, helping to make New York City a cleaner city.

“Our trucks are a mass transit system for food in the communities we serve, and we are committed to make the fleet run as clean-burning and low-impact as possible,” says Adrian Williams, FreshDirect’s Senior Vice President of Transportation. “Our conversion to biodiesel is but one example of our company’s environmental stewardship and support of a sustainable future for New York.”

“We applaud FreshDirect for being a biodiesel pioneer here in New York City. Not only will this transition to clean burning biodiesel fuel result in a big drop in the air pollution levels, but it also helps to bring biodiesel on as a mainstream fuel for the many trucking fleets of the city,” says Brent Baker, CEO of Tri-State Biodiesel.

The move could make FreshDirect truly a green grocer in New York.