E States Number 28

Cindy Zimmerman

EPIC mapThe Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) state branding program has added another three states to the list of those that have approved the “e” label for ethanol at the pump.

Maine, Mississippi and Wisconsin are the latest to approve the pump label, a project EPIC has been working on for just about a year now. The map shows all of the states that have approved the label so far. The idea is to have a recognizable symbol to identify ethanol blended fuel no matter where a motorist fills up.

It may seem odd that Iowa is one of the state not marked yet, but as EPIC Acting Executive Director Robert White explains, “Iowa is one of the states that has a set label that they use and we are working with our partners, the Iowa Corn Growers Association, to revisit that label.” White says that the Iowa Department of Agriculture wants to have consistency for consumers in the labeling of ethanol from state to state and since they are literally surrounded by states which have now adopted the “e” logo, he is confident that Iowa will soon approve it as well.

The approval means that the state has “given its blessing” for the logo to be used to identify ethanol blends at the pump. It is then up to grassroots efforts within each state to get retailers to use the labels.

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