As Ethanol Mandate Starts in MO, Biodiesel Requirement Proposed

John Davis

Missouri’s requirement to have all gasoline contain at least 10 percent biodiesel started on January 1st. And now, there’s a proposal in the legislature to make a similar mandate for biodiesel.

senstouffer1.GIFState Sen. Bill Stouffer’s (R-Napton) SB 759 would require all diesel fuel sold in the state would contain a biodiesel blend by April 1, 2010:

fuel terminals in Missouri that sell diesel fuel shall sell biodiesel, conventional diesel fuel, and biodiesel-blended fuel that contains 5% biodiesel by volume, but it shall not be considered a violation for a terminal to sell biodiesel-blended fuel that contains more than 5% biodiesel by volume provided any such sale adheres to notification requirements promulgated by the Department of Agriculture.

Current law allows fuel retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and marketers to purchase fuel ethanol from any terminal, position holder, fuel ethanol producer, wholesaler, or supplier. The act allows these entities to purchase biodiesel in the same manner.

The Department of Agriculture shall develop cold temperature operability standards for biodiesel and shall enforce the standards beginning January 1, 2010.

The bill is similar to legislation introduced by Stouffer last year. That bill ran out of time before the session ended last May.

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