Suzuki/British to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

John Davis

SuzukiExploration of energy efficiency in transportation is no longer just for cars and buses. Suzuki is partnering with British Midlands Based Intelligent Energy to develop a hydrogen-powered motorcycle.

The British Midlands Development Corporation announced that Loughborough Innovation Center based Intelligent Energy and Suzuki have developed the Crosscage, a hydrogen-powered motorcycle that claims to make green driving a reality.

British MidlandsThe motorcycle, which runs in almost complete silence and emits pure water, is a joint venture between British Midlands based company, Intelligent Energy, the UK’s leading commercial developer of Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell technology and the Japanese motorcycle and scooter giant.

Although the technology to build hydrogen-powered and fuel efficient vehicles exists, they carry hefty price tags. Until now, mass-production has eluded the industry and nobody has managed to build a commercially viable motorcycle. The Crosscage represents a huge breakthrough. By combining Suzuki’s capacity for mass-production and Intelligent Energy’s lightweight, air-cooled fuel cell design, the reality of affordable green transportation moves closer to reality.

Intelligent Energy“This is just one of many examples of innovation coming out of The British Midlands,” said Vern Sebby, President and CEO of the British Midlands Development Corporation, ” There are over 3,000 foreign companies operating in the Midlands and many of them are there to partner with our local companies and universities.”

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