AE Biofuels Now Publicly Traded

Cindy Zimmerman

AE BiofuelsAE Biofuels, formerly known as American Ethanol, has completed its plans to become a publicly traded company by merging with a firm known as Marwich II Ltd.

The California-based company is involved in both ethanol and biodiesel, with majority ownership of a plant in India that is designed to produce 50 million gallons of biodiesel per year and plans to commercialize a patent-pending next-generation ethanol technology that the company intends to use at its permitted ethanol plant sites in the United States.

AE Biofuels has six permitted ethanol plant sites in Illinois and Nebraska in addition to its biodiesel production facility in India.

AE Biofuels is also developing a pilot plant in Montana that will test a process for converting a wide range of plant materials into ethanol.

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