Daryl Hannah Selling Biodiesel El Camino

John Davis

hannahcamino.jpgspecial secret surprise!!!
the baddest assest biodiesel “el camino” ever
with your own b100 biodiesel pump + station!!!

That’s how the ad for Daryl Hannah’s own El Camino (that she says she has driven everyday for the last four years) reads. The eco-friendly actress is selling her biodiesel-powered El Camino AND biodiesel pump and station with easy instructions on how to make biodiesel. You can see the car and an bio-beast.jpgall-terrain, biodiesel vehicle called the “ranch bio-beast” at her web site dhlovelife.com (this is the products main page). Click on the fantasy play things icon (no, not THAT kind of fantasy).

Hannah promises more details on the El Camino, such as price, on December 20th… maybe a green stocking stuffer? I also need to give props to the web site ecorazzi for pointing me toward this story.