Allstate Generates Wind in Texas

John Davis

Allstate Insurance CompanyAllstate Insurance Company is making a “green” donation to 2,000 Texans. The insurere is wiring selected homes into the wind grid in an effort to provide clean, renewable, wind energy for one year. Allstate purchased 24.5 million kilowats of wind energy from the Horse Hollow II wind energy farm in West Texas for its 2,000-home donation.

Allstate has made a significant financial contribution to eco-energy organization for the purchase of clean energy credits. These credits are being used to fund wind energy for Texans and reforestation projects in Kansas and Louisiana.

Allstate Texas Region Field Vice President Rich Crist says Allstate will immediately begin to offset a portion of annual energy usage at its corporate headquarters and business miles traveled in vehicles through contributions to the reforestation and wind energy projects.

The purchase of clean energy credits helps offset the company’s current greenhouse gas emissions, but Allstate says this is part of a growing, balanced approach to going green that includes real reductions.

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