Making Your Own Biodiesel at Home

John Davis

fuelpod2.jpgCheck out this interesting little gadget. It’s the FuelPod2, selling in the United Kingdom.

This review on the Red Ferret Journal tells a little more about the two-foot-wide by 4.5-feet high device that will make up to 13 gallons of biodiesel a day… right in your own driveway:

FuelPod2 is a ‘plug and play’ home biofuel processor. Just pour that nasty waste chip fat into one end and out the other comes lovely cheap and ecologically pleasant biodiesel. The makers say that the fuel is good enough to run any standard diesel engined car without modifications, and it won’t affect your performance either. It’s cheaper too, of course, which means that it should pay for itself very quickly, especially with the rocketing price of crude at the moment.

The downside? Its cost! The FuelPod2 costs more than $4,200. I couldn’t find any info on where to buy it yet, but at that price, I think you’d want to wait until you find one used or the technology gets cheaper before laying down that kind of money.