Renewable Fuels Now Fights for Alternative Energies

John Davis

e-podcastThe first “official” action of the Renewable Fuels Now coalition was to determine where Americans stand on developing and using alternative energies. The coalition is a new umbrella organization of different associations that are working to provide accurate information about renewable fuels. Greg Krissek with ICM says opponents of alternative energies have swamped the public with misinformation about renewable fuels, particularly ethanol. But, Bob Dinneen, the president of a member organization the Renewable Fuels Association, says despite the barrage of misinformation, Americans are still strong supporters of alternative fueling options such as ethanol and biodiesel. He says the poll sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Now coalition affirms that 74 percent of Americans think the U.S. should be using more ethanol. Bob adds that 87 percent want the government to actively support the development of renewable fuels in the U.S. That’s why Greg says the next step for the new umbrella organization is to educate policy makers about the advantages of renewable fuels. He says the Renewable Fuels Now coalition wants to ensure policy makers have the correct information on alternative energies like ethanol and biodiesel as they debate the next Energy Bill and plan to expand the Renewable Fuels Standard developed in 2005.

This edition features comments from Renewable Fuels Now representatives RFA President Bob Dinneen and ICM’s Greg Krissek.

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