CO2 from Coal Burning to Help Grow Biodiesel

John Davis

Two Australian companies are joining forces to use the carbon dioxide from burning coal to grow algae… and then turn that algae into biodiesel.

This article on C| has more details about this truly green idea:

lincbioclean.jpgLinc Energy and Bio Clean Coal announced the creation of the company last week and said they would spend $1 million over the next year to build a prototype bioreactor.

The bioreactor will be designed to grow algae, using the carbon dioxide produced from processing coal for electricity as “food.” That process should dramatically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal, the company said.

The dried algae could be burned for power generation, turned into biodiesel or fertilizer.

A similar project in Arizona had to suspend operations earlier this year when it produced more algae than it could make into biodiesel.