Biden Calls for Energy’s “Apollo Project”

John Davis

biden.jpgDemocratic presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delaware) has unveiled a five-year, $50 billion energy plan akin to the Apollo project that put men on the moon during a campaign stop in Iowa.

This story in the Des Moines Register says Biden’s plan will use a combination of alternative energy production and conservation:

“The innovative capacity of the United States of America is so awesome that, I predict in the next 10 years we will once again be in circles where you’ll have no less light, no less heat, no less comfort in automobiles, but we’re going to see technology bloom in my administration,” he said.

Here are some key points to Biden’s plan:

• Increase fuel efficiency and use of alternative fuels Biden proposes raising fuel economy standards by one mile per gallon each year and investing in new technology such as lithium ion batteries which fuel many plug-in hybrid vehicles. He proposes requiring new vehicles to be flex-fuel capable and requiring gas station chains to sell alternative fuels.

• Invest in new energy technology

• Expand use of renewable energy

• Mandating that federal government buildings be more energy efficient and requiring the government to purchase 10 percent renewable electricity by 2010.

• Encourage Amercans to use energy efficiently

• Create “green jobs” in areas of developing alternative energy

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