Sweet Homegrown Alabama Biodiesel

John Davis

eufalaaudubon.jpgThe City of Eufala, Alabama has cashed in on the benefits of biodiesel.

This story in the Eufala Tribune says cost savings and tax credits are helping its bottom line:

By operating various city vehicles and machines on a co-processed bio-diesel mixture, the city currently saves approximately 90 cents per gallon of fuel. That’s big savings considering the city, even buying wholesale and without taxes, pays $2.31 per gallon for diesel.

[ Bill Clark, who oversees the bio-diesel project] says even more savings may come in the form of federal tax credits. The government is giving a 50 cents tax credit for each gallon of bio-diesel produced to organizations that meet certain requirements.

Though cost may be the bottom line when considering alternative fuel sources, bio-diesel has other benefits as well.

Producing fuel locally cuts down on foreign oil dependency and also creates jobs throughout the country as more bio-fuel factories are established.

No wonder the city is known as an Certified Audubon Sustainable Community.